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Do You Know How To Prevent Electrical Related Injuries?

Our lives are completely dependent on the use of electricity. All you have to do is live through several hours of a power outage to learn just how true that is.

Even though we use electricity with almost everything we touch, it’s also one of the highest opportunities for potential injury. Most of us have some idea of how powerful electricity. We’ve all touched something that has produced small electric charges.

But more awareness is needed to ensure our safety from shocking ourselves, or worse. As long as accidents continue to happen, more education is needed.Do You Know How To Prevent Electrical Related Injuries?

How can you ensure your safety and the safety of those around you?

  • Always assume overhead wires are energized and lethal if touched. Never touch it if it’s down or appears to be insulated. If an overhead wire appears to be damaged or is down due to a storm, call your utility company and report the problem. If a wire falls on your vehicle, stay in the vehicle and call for assistance.
  • If you’re working outside with landscaping equipment, always stay 10 feet away from overhead wires. Be conscious of how close you are, especially when using long objects.
  • Never operate electrical equipment while you are standing in water.

If electrical cords are frayed or damaged, discontinue use.

  • Never repair electrical cords or equipment unless you are qualified and authorized.
  • Install Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) throughout your home to help prevent electrical fires. Use ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) when working in damp locations.
  • Always shut off circuits when performing work inside your home and be sure to confirm electricity is off with a non-contact voltage detector.
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