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Don’t Forget Surge Protection When Installing Smart Home Technology

Are you upgrading your home for smart technology? Chances are you have a lot invested in expensive electronics. 

Before you hook it all up and assume everything is set to go, consider an essential component you might have missed: surge protection. 

Why do you need surge protection?Don’t Forget Surge Protection When Installing Smart Home Technology

Think for a moment about how old your Atlanta home is. When was it built? What was the technology like back then? How many things were plugged in on a regular basis? Even homes built 20 years ago weren’t built for the demands we put on them today. 

A surge protector keeps your smart devices safe in case of sudden voltage spikes in the electrical grid. These can be created by a variety of things, from lightning, downed lines, even fluctuations in the energy supply by using appliances inside your home. 

While you might notice them, power surges happen all the time. Over time, they start to wear and destroy appliances of all shapes and sizes. That means your refrigerator and HVAC are impacted. That means your computers and smart devices are potentially impacted every time you plug them in. 

What type of surge protection do you need?

There are two basic types of surge protection homeowners use. 

Surge protected power strip

This is the most common. You probably have them to cover your computer equipment and entertainment systems. Be aware: not all power strips offer surge protection. Look for UL listed protectors that specifically say “surge protection” or “surge suppression” and follow manufacturer’s instructions on when to replace protectors. 

Whole House Surge Protection

A whole house surge protector is installed to your electrical panel, between your power meter and breaker box. When a surge is detected, whole house surge protectors block the excessive current and divert it back safely into the ground. This protects every appliance in your home. 

While surge protected power strips are easy to plug in and use anywhere, installing a whole house surge protection system requires skill and attention to detail by a professional electrician. And while they’re there, they can ensure your home is properly grounded to ensure the surge protection system can do its job. 

Is your smart automation system as safe as it can be?

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