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Don’t Let Your Drains Clog Up Your Thanksgiving Weekend!

turkey_colorfulDid you know that the day after Thanksgiving is widely cited as the busiest day of the year for clogged drains? It’s no surprise once you think about it – with so many big holiday meals being prepared and cleaned up, the potential for clogged drains and garbage disposals is particularly high, and extra house guests can mean more usage of your home’s toilet, shower, and even washing machine.

Be Prepared – So You Don’t Have to Call!

R.S. Andrews is always available to deal with your clogged drain, stuck garbage disposal or other plumbing emergency, but as friendly as our technicians are, we’re sure you’ll want to avoid having to call us on Black Friday. Here are some tips for avoiding a problem that will bring us out to your home:

  • Don’t pour oils or fats from cooking down drains – they can easily solidify, clogging pipes. To dispose of large amounts of grease, pour it into a coffee can or even a paper cup, allow it to solidify and then toss the whole thing in the trash. To clean a greasy pot or pan, wipe it out thoroughly with paper towels and place them in the trash.
  • Be careful with what you put in your garbage disposal – avoid putting anything particularly stringy or fibrous into the disposal where it can become stuck or wrap itself around the mechanism.
  • When you do put food into your garbage disposal, be sure it is already running – don’t fill it up all the way before turning it on. This will help it process the waste food properly so it can move through the system without becoming clogged.
  • If you have guests staying in your home, ask that they wait about 15 minutes between showers. This delay will give drains time to do their jobs.
  • Be sure you or your guests never flush items like cotton balls, hair or facial scrub pads, or sanitary napkins down the toilet – these don’t dissolve and will clog your toilet in short order.

Rest Assured

If you do experience a clogged drain this Friday, you can rest assured that R.S. Andrews emergency plumbing technicians are on call 24 hours a day and ready to solve your problem quickly and effectively so you can get back to enjoying a Turkey-induced coma with the in-laws. And don’t worry about any extra charges – R.S. Andrews has the same great prices for service, even at odd hours and during holidays, all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In fact, we’re even offering some great specials right now if you do need to call us – you can get a full sewer line camera inspection and drain clearing for just $139 – a $450 value!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at R.S. Andrews!

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