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Ductwork Installation: What You Don’t Know May Be Impacting Your Health

So you’re thinking or remodeling. Maybe you’re ripping out a wall or two to open up the space. Or bumping out the kitchen wall to add 100-200 square feet to the room. 

Kitchen cabinets and new flooring may be on your mind. New ductwork installation might not.  Yet room additions and changes can have an enormous impact on your ductwork and heating and cooling system. Ductwork Installation: What You Don’t Know May Be Impacting Your Health

Your ductwork is used as a ventilation system throughout your home. Air comes in, is heated or cooled, then is distributed through the ducts and the vents. Both intake and outtake are important to the overall process. 

If the system isn’t designed properly, the air pressure throughout your home won’t be as efficient as possible. And as such, your home environment may not be as comfortable or as efficient as possible. It can also bring in contaminants, dirt, debris, and biological growth into your air supply, impacting the air you breathe each day. 

If the ductwork is installed correctly, it means your home is properly regulated and comfortable no matter what temperature you set it at. 

In some cases, contractors may ignore the heating and cooling system altogether when remodeling your space. That means air might not be flowing properly to every room in your home. 

In other cases, poor installation can be the cause of future problems. Because your ductwork is often hidden behind walls, improper sealing or lack of insulation may decrease the efficiency of your ductwork. This means you might have leakage that will cost you money on your monthly utility bills, and it repair bills to your heating and cooling equipment. 

If you’re planning a remodeling project, make sure your ductwork is one of the top priorities in creating your new space. You’ll appreciate the time and effort you put into the system when the next cold or heat spell come our way. 

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