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Easy Ways To Fix Office Temperature Fluctuations With Your Commercial HVAC System

Easy Ways To Fix Office Temperature Fluctuations With Your Commercial HVAC System

Chances are the people in your commercial space are facing it now. In some offices, people are wearing sweaters, running personal space heaters, and doing everything they can to block the flow of cold air. In other offices, people are fiddling with thermostats and making every attempt to get a stronger flow of air into the workspace.

Inefficiency at its finest. And it costs you money.

Fluctuations in temperatures can create problems for a variety of reasons. Overheating leads to discomfort and drowsiness, while cold temperature impact concentration. Fluctuating temperatures have been found to be a leading cause of disrupted employee production. But when fluctuations exist day after day, employees take matters into their own hands. And that’s when it begins impacting you.

Since temperature fluctuations are so noticeable, it’s easy to ignore the other problem that goes with it hand in hand, humidity. When the air in your office is too humid, it can lead to a wide variety of bacteria grown and the spread of airborne contaminants. Which allows viruses and other nasty microorganisms to spread, causing illnesses throughout.

Combine that with high levels of pollen, dust, and allergens in the air, and you’ll find the office personnel consistently staggering out for health related illnesses.

Then, there is lost customers and reduced revenues. If you have a retail storefront or a restaurant, comfort level ensures your customers are happy while in your location. Nobody wants to sit and relax in a sweltering café or try on clothing in an icy dressing room. And if they’re disappointed, they don’t return. And in some cases, share their opinions with the world with a post on Facebook, a review on Yelp, or a tweet out to the world.

What can you do?

Block the sun – hot afternoon can drastically reduce all the hard work your air conditioner has done. Install blinds or window film to block some of the heat.

Check ducts and vents – office temperature variations are frequently caused by air flow issues. You may have cracks or holes in the ducts that result in improper airflow throughout the building. Dirty filters are another major air flow problem that can be easily fixed with a maintenance plan. A professional HVAC technician can inspect the system and tell you where your problems lie.

Update your lighting – lighting can throw off a surprisingly large amount of heat. Update your lighting to more efficient options that won’t alter temperature settings as much. LED lighting is an energy efficient and heat reducing option that is becoming the standard.

Update your zones and controls – commercial spaces are often altered again and again. When was the last time your HVAC system was evaluated for the efficiency of the air flow? If not enough zones are used to control temperatures, it can provide drastic differences in the temperatures from the outside in.

Don’t forget maintenance – regular maintenance to your HVAC system can help you determine where small problems lie, and fix them long before they become noticeable to your employees or tenants. Regular maintenance works to save you money on your energy bills each month and helps extend the life of your equipment to its fullest expectancy. A win/win for you, and for the people on your property.

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