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What is Electrical Grounding? | R.S. Andrews Atlanta Electrical Services


R.S. Andrews General Electrician Matt Mihalek explains what electrical grounding is, and why having a licensed technician is crucial to have when performing electrical maintenance.

Electrical grounding is a very complicated subject.A licensed electrician or an experienced electrician who is certified under their county, city or the company itself can help you the best when it comes to grounding.

It also happens to be the most important system in your home that exists. It is also the most overlooked, and the most ignored system.

Essentially, electrical grounding is where the voltage returns to Earth. Everyone has heard the term that it all flows back to Earth. It is because your voltage needs to find a way to go back to the source. It will find a bath to get back there.

Grounding is what allows your breakers to understand when they should trip. It allows your fuses to understand when they should blow. If you do not have proper grounding in your home, you can get stray voltage which means voltage actually comes out of water in swimming pools fountains; you can get electrocuted on plumbing pipes in your home.

So when you’re dealing with electrical grounding, it’s very important that you have a qualified licensed electrician to come out and test the resistance to ground of your voltage, before attempting to ground anything at all.

Give R.S. Andrews a call, when have a tester that can do that, and we can make sure your ground system is up to par.

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