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How An Energy Audit Helps Your Business

How An Energy Audit Helps Your Business

Energy audits. Are they worth the hassle?

As a busy property manager, adding one more thing to your calendar can seem like more work than its worth. But what if you gain valuable knowledge about energy efficient solutions that could benefit everyone in your building? And save you a lot of money over time?

As a property manager, saving money is always at the top of your list. Balancing the budget always takes top priority. And those sneaky, unexpected large events can put a huge damper on your bottom line when they show up surprisingly.  What if you could prevent those altogether?

An energy audit may be your first of defense.

A professional energy audit pays for itself by helping you discover your weakest points throughout your property. In shows you what improvements would offer you your biggest cost savings. And because most buildings waste as much as thirty percent each year in wasteful energy practices, the savings can be significant.

A professional energy audit will make everyone in your building more comfortable. By finding where insulation is weak, where ductwork is leaking, where equipment is operating as efficiently as possible, you’ll quickly understand why some spots may be cooler while others are warmer. Fixing simple systems problems can improve efficiencies throughout your building, leading to more productivity from your employees, and a reduction in utility costs for you.

A professional energy audit can improve health and safety. You’ve probably heard the term sick building syndrome. And with the way today’s buildings are constructed, it’s more prevalent than ever. An audit shows you where potentially dangerous problems lurk, particularly in older buildings where risks such as carbon monoxide from improperly operation combustion equipment can arise.

A professional energy audit also introduces you to today’s technology. A lot of advances have been made over the last few years when it comes to building systems. Energy audits show you how easily you can integrate even the smallest of things that will, over time, provide you with huge savings. Even something as simple as improved lighting can have a big impact.

With rebates, tax credits, and other incentives, an energy audit can very quickly turn into one of the most productive things you’ve done for your business in months. Ready to schedule your energy audit today?

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