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Find A Trusted Plumber By Asking These Questions

There are certain service companies every homeowner should have in their contact list. These are industries you’ll use throughout your life, as problems continue to arise as a part of regular home maintenance.


Find A Trusted Plumber By Asking These QuestionsBecause having people you trust with the most important systems in your home means you know it’s operating as best as it can. When you have a problem, with a quick call you can have someone enter your home, trust that they will do a great job, and charge you a fair price for the service.

A trusted plumber, for example, will ensure your entire plumbing system is working as well as possible, efficiently, and to make recommendations for making it even better.

But how do you find these trusted professionals? If you’re a new homeowner, or are looking to make a change to find a plumber you can trust, use these questions to ensure you’re hiring the right professional for the job.

What experience do you have for this job?

You’ll find a lot of solo plumbers – plumbers who are little more handymen with a plumber’s toolbox – can do the little jobs, but stumble when things grow more complicated. For larger jobs, it’s important to find a trusted plumber that understands the ins and outs of everything to do with the plumbing system. Ask them to provide details on the scope and size of work they’ve performed in the past.

What licenses do you have?

Belonging to organizations, receiving certifications, and even placing high in awards is a sign a company is striving to be the best in the industry. Pay attention to these certifications and memberships; they tell you that a company has been in business long enough to accumulate the knowledge and skill necessary to receive the standing. While you can hire plumbers without licenses and certifications, keep in mind that lack of skill often equates to costly mistakes. And that will be something you live with form weeks – months – down the road.

Do you have references?

The more a trusted plumber works in a community, the more references they have that will be willing to talk with you about jobs well done. While references might not be as necessary for one tiny job, when you’re building a standing relationship with a professional, it’s important to understand how well they do with the large jobs as well as the small.

How do you handle estimates and payment?

Sometimes it’s a good idea to use a smaller job to learn the ins and outs of how a company does business. Do they provide firm estimates or ball park figures? Do they use caps to ensure your final cost won’t go above a certain limit? Do you pay per project milestone, or all at the end of service? While a trusted plumber may require milestone payments for larger, multi-step projects, they should never ask for upfront payment. Be leary of any service company that requires payment upfront, before they step through the door to begin your project.

Do you have a trusted plumber in your contact list?

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