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Flexible Ductwork May Be Your Problem

Most HVAC contractors have a love/hate relationship with flexible ductwork. They see it frequently in households as it’s an easy system to install in tight or difficult spots. They have to deal with it; it’s already in place.

But there’s a problem with flexible ductwork:

It’s rarely installed correctly. And that leads to a lot of problems.

Flexible Ductwork May Be Your ProblemWhen flexible ductwork is installed incorrectly, you’ll find:

  • Kinks, deep bends, sharp turns, and other twisting angles that prevent air from flowing freely
  • Long duct runs that have very little support underneath
  • The ductopus – where too many duct runs meet and feed off from one another in a haphazard way
  • Extra ductwork that leads to nowhere
  • Poorly fastened and improperly sealed joints

It doesn’t take much to find potential problem areas. Just look into your crawlspace, or basement.

One reason they may have been installed originally is that it’s easy to use. Rather than spend the time fitting in rigid ducts, flexible is put in to shorten the time of installation.

If you’ve made changes to your house over the years, contractors may have used flexible ductwork as an easy way to retrofit in ducts in a tight place.

Maybe you’ve purchased new appliances, and they need bigger ducts than your old system could provide.

We’re not saying all flexible ductwork is bad. But if you have a problem with the HVAC system in your home, it’s one of the first things to consider. Improver installation can create a less than efficient home.

We’re happy to evaluate your system for you and make suggestions on improving efficiency every time you run your heating or cooling equipment. Contact the duct cleaning professionals of R.S. Andrews today!

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