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Furnace Maintenance Tips from Atlanta’s Heating Experts

During the winter months, when the air in our homes starts to feel chilly and a sweatshirt and blanket aren’t doing the trick, many Atlanta homeowners tend to reach for the thermostat to heat things up. But what if the reason your heating system isn’t performing up to snuff isn’t because your thermostat is too low, but rather that your furnace hasn’t had the maintenance it needs to perform at optimal efficiency for the entirety of its service life?

Furnace Maintenance – Now is the Time

As R.S. Andrews HVAC technician Andrew Navarro explains in the following video, high utility bills, draftiness and uncomfortably cold temperatures in your home are all sure signs that your furnace is in desperate need of service.

YouTube video

A Clean Furnace is a Happy Furnace

The average furnace should last for about 15 years before needing to be replaced. One of the biggest challenges homeowners face in making sure their furnace performs efficiently throughout its lifespan is keeping the furnace clean and free of dirt and debris which reduce efficiency and eventually lead to breakdowns and costly repairs. That’s why R.S. Andrews heating technicians use infrared cameras and other tools to find and remove dirt in your furnace in places that would never be accessible or even visible without this specialized approach.

Invest in Furnace Maintenance Now, Save Later

R.S. Andrews has served Atlanta’s heating needs for over 40 years, and has developed an in-depth furnace maintenance and service program that will ensure you and your family stay warm while getting the most out of your energy dollars. The cost of getting your furnace serviced is guaranteed to be less than the bills you’ll face if you wait for your furnace to malfunction or break down completely before calling the experts at R.S. Andrews.

We’re offering a full furnace tune-up for only $79 for a limited time, so call us now to schedule an appointment for your furnace!

Say goodbye to a drafty, cold house this winter, and get ready to watch your furnace’s efficiency save you big money on your energy bills this year!

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