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Furnace Smells You Should Never Ignore

Have you noticed a weird smell circulating through your home?

Is it coming from your furnace?

There are many reasons you may suddenly notice a different smell in the air. Some are more dangerous than the rest. There are three smells you should never ignore, for both the safety of your family and for your heating equipment as well.

Rotten EggsFurnace Smells You Should Never Ignore

One of the most dangerous smells is a sudden rotten egg odor. Natural gas on its own has no taste or smell. Because of its deadly qualities, a rotten egg odor is added to the gas before it is released into your home for protection. If you smell it, it’s a sign of a natural gas leak, and it should be taken care of immediately. Open doors and windows to let fresh air in and evacuate the premises immediately.

A Burning Electrical Smell

Have you ever had a motor overheat in a small appliance? It has a distinct electrical or metallic smell. If you smell that coming through your vents when the furnace is operating, it could be a sign your furnace blower motor is seizing up due to worn out parts. If not taken care of quickly, it can lead to overheating, excessive voltage, or even fire. If heat continues building within your furnace, it can cause wires to melt and produce further electrical hazards throughout your home. If you smell a burning electrical smell, turn off your furnace and call in a professional technician to inspect your equipment.

Chemical Smell

If you suddenly smell a chemical scent, it may indicate a cracked heat exchanger. The heat exchanger exists in your furnace and transfers heat from the combustion chamber into the furnace. If the heat exchanger is cracked, carbon monoxide fumes can be circulating through the equipment and can settle into your home’s ductwork. It can quickly build and cause problems on every floor of your home.

Your furnace is designed to keep you safe and warm all winter long. But when problems arise, the quicker you handle the issue, the less chance you have of it turning into a major problem for you, your family, your health, or your heating equipment.

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