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Give Your Home More Space By Adding Recessed Outlets

Have you moved your furniture around just to avoid protruding plugs from your electrical outlets? 

There’s an easy solution for that. 

Give Your Home More Space By Adding Recessed OutletsMost homeowners rely on standard outlets built in by the builder when their homes were originally constructed. But with today’s technology, your outlets can be transformed with practical design features and technology that works with your lifestyle. 

Recessed outlets are just one example, but they are one you will love. Like other outlets, you can find them in a variety of finishes, and with two, four, or six plug receptacle designs. You can even find multifunctional designs that include ports for managing power, audio, video, and other data cords. 

The best place to start is by using them behind your furniture. You’ll no longer have to pull your couches, dressers, bookshelves, hutches, or desks out several inches from the wall to make room for those protruding cords. Push everything flush against the wall. 

Add one to your wall to help mount your flat screen tv. Make sure you add a receptacle with data ports to manage all of your cables and wires in one easy place. 

Don’t forget about the kitchen. By adding recessed outlets throughout your kitchen, you can move your coffeemaker and other appliances flush against the wall rather than leaving room for the plug. 

And of course, your home office is another place to add more than one recessed outlet. They are a great way for keeping those pesky cords and cables under control, without making your desk a place to avoid rather than to get things done. 

You can even bring them outdoors too. They’re especially handy in your outdoor living spaces, where you may set up your laptop to work on a beautiful spring day. 

Update your home and make your life easier with recessed outlets. It’ll make your space more livable while giving you a clean, simple design. 

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