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Going on Vacation? Learn How to Cut Your Energy Bill While Away

Spring is quickly turning into summer, and as the kids get out of school many of you will be taking summer vacations. Despite many of our best efforts, vacations usually end up costing more than we planned, so why add to the expenses? By implementing some of our tips you’ll be able to cut energy costs for your home while your away. There’s no point in paying for energy no one is going to use!


Air Conditioning: You can either shut the air conditioning off in your home completely (which in Atlanta could mean triple digit temperatures in your house) or you can adjust it up, to say 80-85 degrees.  Turning it off completely could save you almost $30 a month.

Water Heater: If you’re going to be gone for more than three days, the best option is to either turn your water heater down to the lowest temperature setting, use the vacation mode if your model has it, or shut it off. It should be said that for some models shutting the water heater off can actually shorten its life so it’s important to consult the owners manual before doing this. When you return you may want to drain the stagnant water in the heater.

Fridge/Freezer: The first move should be to take out anything that will spoil while you are gone. If there is still food in the refrigerator when you leave, it’s best to just leave it plugged in,  as it will use less energy due to it not being opened constantly. Unless you’re going away for a very extended amount of time don’t unplug them, as mold and mildew can quickly grow in them, just adjust the temperatures in both up a bit.

Lights: In an ideal situation all of the lights would be shut off when leaving for vacation. However, we do understand concern over burglaries while away on vacation. In that case we suggest using a timer or motion activated light in your home while you’re away to create the illusion someone is home.

Windows: Make sure that the blinds or shades are drawn on every window in your home. Having that extra light in your home will quickly increase the temperature, making your air conditioning unit work that much harder (if you chose to leave it on while away).

Dehumidifier: We understand that in the south completely turning the dehumidifier off just isn’t an option. However, it doesn’t need to be on constantly while you’re away. Consider turning it down or adjusting its settings.

Electronic Appliances: The best option is to just unplug any and every electronic device that won’t be used to prevent any “phantom” energy use. For the ones that you want to leave plugged in, plug them into a surge protector to prevent any damage from electrical surges while you’re away.

If you have any questions about the best settings or options for your home’s systems, give R.S. Andrews a call today – we’re happy to answer any and all questions about saving money!

Image Source: www.freefoto.com

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