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Home Energy Evaluations in Atlanta, GA

Did you know the average family in the U.S. spends more than $2,000 annually on energy costs? What’s more: 42% of those costs are attributed to your home’s heating and cooling needs. More than ever, Atlanta homeowners need a way to stay comfortable in their homes without breaking the bank on energy expenses. With a home energy evaluation, Atlanta residents can pinpoint the root cause of their high energy costs and correct it with the best professional recommendation.

R.S. Andrews provides home energy evaluation services to provide families with the vital insights they need to reduce energy spending in their home. With help from our team of expert HVAC technicians, we’ll audit your home’s energy efficiency and make the best recommendation for increased savings going forward.

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Benefits of Home Energy Evaluations for Atlanta Families

With so much money spent on energy costs to support your home’s heating and cooling, home energy evaluations are essential for helping families reduce spending. Home energy evaluations in Atlanta provide exceptional benefits, including the following:

  • Savings: A home energy evaluation’s purpose is to understand how energy consumption can be better optimized to provide savings. On average, Atlanta residents stand to reduce energy costs by 20%.
  • Comfort: Increased energy efficiency means your home is heating and cooling your living space to the ideal temperature more quickly, consistently, and efficiently. That means increased comfort for you and your family!
  • Quality: When your home’s energy efficiency is properly optimized, it increases your home’s value and the quality of temperature control it offers.
  • Cleanliness: An energy-efficient home is one that’s better for the environment. In fact, energy audits have reduced carbon pollution by 2.5 billion metric tons since 1992.

If your home suffers from hot or cold spots, excess moisture, draftiness, mold, pests, or high energy bills, it’s time to rethink your consumption behaviors. R.S. Andrews has the skills and experience necessary to assess your home’s energy consumption and make professional recommendations that will lead to more cost-effective heating and cooling.

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What To Expect During a Home Energy Audit

During a home energy evaluation, an R.S. Andrews HVAC technician will interview you to gain a better understanding of the comfort and cost issues affecting you and your family. Next, our home energy experts will conduct a thorough review of your energy billing history to establish a benchmark for your savings potential.

Finally, we’ll conduct an evaluation that includes the following analysis:

  • Exterior review, including windows, walls, and eaves to identify the potential for thermal leaks
  • Full attic insulation inspection
  • Comprehensive HVAC system evaluation, including duct connections, filter inspections, and imminent repair needs
  • Blower door test for rapid air leak identification
  • Home lighting evaluation

Following your R.S. Andrews home energy evaluation, we’ll make recommendations to increase energy savings in your home. Such solutions may include the need for weatherization service, insulation services, or HVAC repairs. Unlocking your savings potential starts with receiving a home energy evaluation from the trusted technicians at R.S. Andrews.

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Schedule a Home Energy Evaluation in Atlanta, GA

Ready to reduce your Atlanta home’s energy expenses? Our team has the skills and tools necessary to perform a thorough evaluation of your home’s energy consumption behaviors, providing you with critical insights about how to access increased savings.

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