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Home Insulation Isn’t A One Time Installation

One of the most common beliefs with home insulation is that it lasts for a lifetime. 

Out of sight, out of mind. 

But is that true? 

Your roof needs replacing. You repaint your home. You upgrade your appliances. 

Why wouldn’t you upgrade your insulation?

Upgrade to meet new standardsHome Insulation Isn’t A One Time Installation

Depending on how old your home is, a lot has changed since its construction. It could simply be your home doesn’t have enough insulation to meet today’s standards – energy efficiency ratings have changed considerably over the past few years. 

Upgrade for settling

If a home was properly insulated, the insulation will stand the test of time. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. A variety of things – heating and cooling, leaks, time – takes its toll and causes your insulation to settle, leaving gaps and inefficiencies throughout. 

Upgrade for gaps and holes

Have you ever used your attic for storage? Every trip up to your attic can disturb the insulation and cause gaps and holes. There may also be ways in for rodent to get in and nest. If your insulation isn’t properly installed, it can’t do the job. And the only way to determine if there is a problem is to schedule an inspection. 

Upgrade if you’ve remodeled

It doesn’t take large remodels to impact the insulation in your home. Have you installed a ceiling fan? Have you upgraded your lights or added recessed lighting? Every time you make changes to your lighting fixtures, it can cause air leaks. And the only way to fix them is to add in more insulation. 

Is your home insulation as efficient as possible? 

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