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How Can I Improve The Lighting In My Home?

Light on. Light off. Remember when that’s all lights could do?

No more. Today’s homeowners can control temperature, color, brightness, and even mood lighting, all with the flick of a switch. With smart wireless technology, you can improve the lighting in your home for both safety and function.

Where do you start?How Can I Improve The Lighting In My Home?

Strategize your lighting plan every hour of the day

The best type of lighting is natural light. It impacts your home in different ways throughout the day. If you’re lighting a specific room in your home, pay attention to how natural light flows in morning, noon, and night. Consider the seasons too. Then accentuate the natural light with fill-in lighting solutions to make the most of it.

Light your art

Art doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to be meaningful to you. But when it fades into the woodwork, you can forget it exists. Artwork can be lit in many ways. Light it straight on for visual impact. Light it from the side for dramatic dimension. Use different shades for even more visual appeal.

Chandeliers, spots, and pendants

Some lighting sources are used for working and functionality. Others are used more to add to aesthetics and decor. Integrate the two together to make sure you have rooms that operate well as well as look great when you enter.

Sconces and flush mounts

Sconces are especially important in bathroom lighting. They add visual interest as well as save valuable floor and surface space. Flush mounts may be a bit more modern, almost commercial in appearance, but they can balance your lighting while providing an attractive option.

Intelligent lighting 

The biggest trend in lighting today is switching to smart lighting. Through smart technology, you can set everything at the touch of your smart device. Want to turn your lights on before you get home? Want to control the mood of your room? Forget if you turned off a light? You can check with intelligent lighting.

Architectural lighting

Don’t forget to dramatize the exterior of your home too. Outdoor living can extend your living area outside, and help you stay out late into the evening without giving up functionality or safety. Our professionals can work with you to help illuminate your house all hours of the day, showing you the best places to add lights, and what works best for your needs.

Are you ready to upgrade your home lighting this year?

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