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How Often Should My Tank Water Heater Be Serviced?

One of the most important appliances in your home is probably one that you think the least about. Your tank water heater works day in and day out, providing you hot water whenever you want it.

A tank water heater can easily give you 8 to 12 years of uninterrupted service. But if service your tank water heater regularly, you’ll minimize the damage to the tank, and ensure the longest life possible.How Often Should My Tank Water Heater Be Serviced?

But what does servicing entail?

Why tank water heaters need cleaning

Do you wipe down your refrigerator, run vinegar through your coffee pot, and clean the oven as a part of your spring cleaning routine? How about your tank water heater? When was the last time you cleaned the tank?

Most homeowners don’t think much about the water heater sitting in the basement or crawlspace of their home. But running water through the system every hour of the day takes a lot of work. Water contains minerals, particles, and sediment that settle into the bottom of the tank over time. If you don’t clean this out, it will impact the effectiveness of your water heater.

How often does a water heater need flushing

The water that comes into your home is in pretty good shape. Your local utility company cleans the water and filters it before it reaches your home. Sediment isn’t something that happens quickly with a tank water heater. Yet even with some of the best water districts in the US, eventually sediment builds up. Experts generally recommend that your water heater be drained and flushed at least once a year to remove the buildup. This helps ensure you’re receiving the greatest supply of hot water your tank water heater can deliver to your home.

How do you flush a water heater?

Flushing a water heater isn’t difficult, but it does have to be done the right way to ensure you don’t damage the tank. The power and fuel should be turned off before attempting repair work. The drain valve is turned on at the bottom of the tank to release the water currently in the tank. The tank may be drained a time or two to help clear the sediment from the bottom.  Then the tank is refilled, and the power and fuel are turned back on.

When was the last time you had your tank water heater flushed and checked? Make your appointment today and learn the basics of water heater maintenance to keep your system running smoothly for years to come.

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