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How To Dispose Of Fluorescent Lighting

As a business owner, there are many reasons to upgrade to LED technology. 

Studies show that up to 40 percent of a commercial property’s electric bill is for lighting the business. Installing LED lighting can save as much as 90 percent on the lighting portion of your utility bill. How To Dispose Of Fluorescent Lighting

And once they’re installed, LEDs can last years longer than their fluorescent counterparts. That means less labor to maintain and replace, as well as decreasing the expense for buying replacement bulbs. 

But there is a problem with replacing fluorescent lights with LED: disposing of fluorescent lamps. 

The EPA lists fluorescent bulbs in the category of hazardous waste. While each state is in charge of how fluorescent bulbs will be disposed of, industry and environmental experts agree that the best way to dispose of them is by recycling

Recycling fluorescent lights prevents mercury from being released into the environment. When they are tossed into a dumpster or trash can, they most likely will break. Then they are sent to the landfill where the mercury continues to seep into the ground.

When it comes to choosing a recycling method, as a commercial property manager you have several options. 

The most common are pick up services. You can load used fluorescent lamps into boxes or drums and schedule pick up with the recycling service. While this is one of the least expensive methods, it does require you to store used lamps until you have enough for a pickup. 

Other recycling services offer prepaid recycling containers you can pack up and ship on an as needed basis. While more expensive, it offers convenience. 

Looking for other options? Check out the resources listed with Georgia Recycles. You’ll find a variety of options, one that is perfect to meet all of your needs. 

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