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How To Get Static Electricity Out Of Your Home

We’ve all experienced static electricity in a variety of ways. Ever had clothes stuck together out of the dryer? That’s static electricity. Ever touched someone gently and had a “shock” jolt between your hands? Yep, that’s static electricity too.

In the industry, it’s referred to as electrostatic discharge. And while you might have enjoyed playing with it in science class as you made your hair stand on end, it isn’t a laughing matter in your home. According to the ESD Association, How To Get Static Electricity Out Of Your Homeelectrostatic discharge can be so severe it can permanently damage your electronic devices. If a cell phone keypad or USB suddenly is no longer working, it might be electrostatic discharge at work.

What causes static electricity? Everything in your home – you and your personal items – are made up of molecules with tiny atoms charged with positive protons, neutral neutrons, and negative electrons. If a person or an object has an uneven number of these protons, neutrons, or electrons, it looks to fill the void. Static electricity is the process of filling that void. So if you have a negatively charged person shake hands with a positively charged person, that familiar shock occurs.

You’ll notice static electricity builds on dryer days. If you seem to carry a lot of static electricity, one of the easiest ways to dissipate it is with dryer sheets. Dry your clothes with a dryer sheet each time you do laundry. You can also carry a few with you to rub on your clothing on a particularly dry day.

If you notice if frequently in your home, it could be a sign you don’t have proper moisture levels in your air supply. You might need a humidifier. A whole house humidifier can improve air quality as well as comfort levels throughout your home.

If you frequently receive shocks when walking across the carpet, treat your carpet with anti-static spray. You can make a simple solution by diluting fabric softener in a bottle full of water.

Staying moisturized can also help cut down on electrical shocks. Apply a good moisturizer to your skin after every shower. Keep a bottle handy to apply throughout the day as well.

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