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How To Have A Well Lit Home

In the middle of winter, you look at your home in a different way. Inside, those dark corners in the rooms you use the least seem extra dreary. Curb appeal isn’t just about the landscaping and the color you paint the front door. It’s also creating a well lit home.

Adding a new porch light is a good start. Buying a new lamp will lighten up dark corners. But there’s more to a well lit home than adding a new light fixture. It’s about the right light in the right place. Here’s how to go about it.How To Have A Well Lit Home

Install dimmers

Good lighting is more than on or off. Sometimes bright light can help you see what you’re doing. Other times it’s important to set the mood. Installing dimmer switches allows you to tone down lighting that’s too bright, or add more light when the situation calls for it. It also helps you save energy too.

Spread the light

Too often, homeowners attempt to light an entire room with one bright light. This rarely gives you the right light in every corner of the room. It can cause shadows and glare, which can increase the likelihood of headaches. Instead, place lighting sources in different parts of the room – accent lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting all have their own unique purpose.


If you haven’t looked at LED lighting, it’s time to visit this amazing technology. LED can help you change the glow, color, and mood of a room with just a click of a switch. It’s a powerful way to bring even the darkest rooms to life. And you save money on energy every time you turn it on. Some LED bulbs last as long as 12 years, meaning you’ll save on replacement costs too.

Hanging lights

Ceiling fans often come with lighting packages, giving you dual purpose inside your home. How about adding recess lights to provide you with spotlighting where you need it most? Or maybe you want wall sconces to accent hallways or entertainment centers. Wherever you choose to lighten and brighten your home, there’s a perfect lighting option for you.

Hire a professional

Most homeowners visit a big box store and attempt to add new lighting themselves. But there are advantages to bringing in a professional. An electrician can help you create a lighting strategy inside or out.

From adding light to dark rooms, to lighting pathways outside, to setting the mood every day of the week, the best way to get customized advice is to hire someone who works with lighting regularly. Create your well lit home today.

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