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How to Install a Water Heater | R.S. Andrews Atlanta Plumbing Services


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RS Andrews Master Plumber Ben Kendrick walks through the steps of installing a water heater.

Water heaters should always be installed by licensed local professionals, to ensure quality, safety and stability.

To install a water heater you must first remove the old water heater. That means disconnecting your water supplies, your T&P drainage supply, your vent supply and your gas supply.

Once this is done, you remove the old unit. Take it outside. Take your new unit in. Set it in place. Then simply reconnect the water lines, the vent lines, the gas lines and the safety lines to the unit. Fill the water heater up with cold water. Turn the gas supply on to the unit. Fire the water heater. In about an hour, you should have hot water.

The steps to replacing a water heater, first you want to turn the gas or the power off to the unit itself. You then want to connect a garden hose to the bottom drain valve of the water heater. Then you want to turn the water supply off to the water heater. Then you want to open the bottom drain valve and let the unit drain to the exterior of the home.

You can then start removing your water piping and flue piping. You want to remove your cold, your hot, as well as your flue. Then you also want to remove your temperature and pressure valve line, as well as your gas line.

After these steps are done, you can remove the old unit and prepare the new unit for installation.

Make sure to make sure to test for any gas or water leaks once the new unit is installed. This is very important for the safety of your home.

As previously stated, we strongly emphasize seeking out licensed and accredited professionals to handle water heater installation and maintenance. In addition to these, there are common plumbing issues homeowners often face, such as fixing toilets that won’t flush and upgrading your faucets. Understanding these common issues can help you better maintain your home’s plumbing system.

Atlanta’s Water Heater Experts

Whatever your water heater needs may be, R.S. Andrews has expert water heater installers to answer your water heater questions and solve your water heater problems today. Our plumbers have the experience and training to install, maintain, and service gas or electric water heaters, and tankless water heaters. Your R.S. Andrews plumber will make sure your water heater runs for many, trouble-free years.

Call R.S. Andrews and we will answer your water heater questions, and solve your water heater needs today!

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