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How To Lower Your Commercial Energy Costs

No matter how big or small your business, commercial energy costs are a major expense. By lowering these costs, you can keep your building adequately heated and cooled without having your profits disappear through cracks and leaks in the structure.

How To Lower Your Commercial Energy CostsEnergy consumption is impacted every day by the changing weather and your building’s envelope. There are things you can do today to help manage the costs.

Schedule an inspection

Before you can begin saving money, you have to find out where your biggest problems lie. An inspection is also known as an energy audit. This can help you discover where your biggest problems are and where quick fixes can have the biggest impact. By the end of the process, you’ll know where to invest your money to help you save the most over the coming months and years. It can help give you a reasonable task list to put in production and control your energy usage.

Take on one task at a time

No two buildings are the same. Yet with every building, there are many tasks you can take on that will impact your bottom line. Using your energy audit as your guide, start making changes that will increase energy efficiency within your building. It can be simple things such as changing out light bulbs to more efficient LED, to more sophisticated changes such as installing a new HVAC system.

Offices typically require many different components to run at optimum efficiency. There is never a shortage of ways that can have big impact over time. Computers, lighting, HVAC, insulation, even the appliances you keep in a breakroom can all contribute to making your energy consumption be higher than you think.

Because commercial properties impact a variety of different people, it’s important to get input from everyone before you make major changes. The more you bring employees and tenants into the discussion, the more support you’ll have for the change on the other side.

If you’d like to start the process for your commercial property, schedule an energy audit today to find out the best places to start. We can help you develop a cost-effective, customized preventative maintenance plan for all of your commercial building’s needs.

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