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How To Stay Cool Without Maxing Out Your Air Conditioner During Atlanta Summers

This summer will be some of the hottest temperatures recorded yet, so learning to cope with extreme heat is at the top of our to-do list. While an air-conditioner is a luxury for many people, and some are just trying to reduce their carbon footprint or electric bill, there are ways to keep cool without burdening your air-conditioner.

Other reasons to stay cool without an air conditioner could be a heat wave when the power suddenly goes out. What do you do then? Even the best-maintained units are at risk. Sometimes an air conditioner can just stop due to major consistent use. One electrical part failure can leave you exposed to the elements. Here are some ways for you to stay cool this summer without tiring your air conditioner.

Be a Fan of Fans

Woman sweating and trying to refresh at home

If it’s below 90 degrees Fahrenheit, moving air through a fan can drastically improve the perceived temperature, making the room seem cooler than it is. Above 90 degrees, blowing hot air through a fan is just that, blowing hot air. The great thing about fans is they’re affordable and don’t draw lots of energy. If you get multiple, you can set them up in different rooms and in different areas of the room, targeting multiple channels. Different fans are better for different rooms, depending on the room’s size. Some move more air than others.

Some fans can be pretty loud, depending on their reach. Keep in mind that everyone is different and every fan is unique. Some people can work and sleep with some white noise in the background, while others are more sensitive to the ambiance. If you work at a desk, a desk fan would be a good option for you. If it’s for a larger space like a living room, a floor fan is optimal. Putting a box fan in a window is another great way to push out hot air and let the cool air come in. To do this, another window will need to be opened to allow incoming air.

If you don’t like fans, you can always open two windows inside a car or building to achieve a flowing cross-breeze. One window open will only collide with the hot air, which will win out.

Another way of cooling down besides fans is an evaporative cooler. Pair it with a ceiling fan to maximize the cooling effect. These are great in an emergency when your air conditioner is on the fritz or you’ve been using it too much. Evaporative coolers work by passing air over a water-soaked pad, which neutralizes the air and lowers the internal temperature. There are some drawbacks, though. These coolers work best only in dry environments with low humidity. So this isn’t the best option for Atlanta’s citizens.

You can also use blackout curtains or thermal curtains. The effect is a dark yet cooler room. Regular curtains can achieve this as long as they are darkening and not sheer. Adding window tint film to sun-exposed windows help keep the heat load down. There are also cool beds you can buy for around $400 that keep you cool at night. 100% cotton and crisper bed sheets can be cooler as well.

Cooling Materials for Your Body

Light clothing with ventilation and loose fits is great for hot temperatures. Cooling towels, bandanas, and neck wraps can also be a great way to beat the heat. Place the clothing over three different arteries for maximum effect: your armpits, neck, and groin. Drench the bandana or towel in cold water, or regular water, although cold is better. Place it over the area and relish in the relaxing feeling.

There are certain products that are made to last, like Kool Ties, which are made with polymer crystals and can hold cold water for hours. A dipped bandana on the back of the neck works well, too. For more tech-oriented people, there are wristbands that can actually lower your perception of your body temperature. While it’s not best for the harshest conditions, consider it to increase your comfort level, especially if you’re working outside.

What To Drink and Eat in the Heat

Very cold mineral water with ice in a misted glass bottles, dark background, selective focus

If you’re an active individual, it’s particularly easy to sweat out approximately 2 to 3 gallons of water a day! To avoid this, it’s best to keep some sort of hydrating liquid or food on hand. If it’s difficult for you to chug water, keep sipping on something nearby. Insulated water bottles are best if you’re on the go. If you’re hiking long-distance or trying to survive against the heat, the water bottle could weigh you down. Otherwise, there are plenty of insulated water bottle options out there in pleasing designs and affordable price points. Add some ice cubes, and you’ll be solid for the day. Just keep refilling when you can.

Plain water is great for early in the day. When it becomes hotter, it’s best to add some electrolytes, proteins, and fruit solids to the mix. Especially if you’re prone to sweating more or are more active throughout the day, you’ll need to replenish the electrolytes you’ve sweated out. Drinks that help with this are coconut water, Gatorade, and Powerade. Electrolytes contain vital nutrients like potassium and sodium that carry an electric charge, and your body needs to maintain its level of these to function. Avoid hard liquor to stay hydrated.

On an empty stomach, plain water can do pretty much nothing for your body. It helps a little to drink water regardless, but the body will not retain much of its nutrients. Food helps the water’s nutrients absorb better. Any food helps, but salty foods are best. It helps absorb the water you drink better. Another benefit to your diet could be water-based foods, especially in the warmer months. So pile up the watermelon!

Find a Different Spot To Hang

It goes without saying, but not here. Finding a new spot to hang out or work remotely with an air conditioner can be a game-changer. Ditch the regular spot, like your home or office, for a cooler space like the public library, local cafe, or indoor shopping mall. Heck, even your friend’s house could be a welcomed addition. Co-working, anyone?

Staying Cool Can Be Fun

There are several ways to stay cool without maxing out your air conditioner. Drink more water, eat salty foods, consider a fan or air replacement, and wear cooling clothing. If your air conditioner acts up, remember to reach out to an HVAC contractor in Atlanta. A well-maintained HVAC system is less likely to bust when you need it the most.

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