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How to Stop Cool Air From Sneaking Out


One of the biggest home expenses during the summer is your energy bill due to heavy air conditioning use, especially here in Atlanta. It would make sense then that every home owner would want to conserve that cold air.

Unfortunately, many homes lose some of that cool air in different ways, resulting in your air conditioner having to run for longer, costing you more. We put together a little list for any Atlanta homeowner who wants to keep that cool air in their home, and in turn lower their energy bill.


We have previously talked about the benefits of adding insulation to your attic. However, we want to emphasize this again along with whole home insulation. It’s amazing that some people still don’t know the benefits of having your whole home insulated. It keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer by preventing any outside air from coming in and vice versa. Even if you do have insulation, you may want to check for any gaps in it, as that can allow outside air in easily.

Double Check Doors and Windows

Doors and windows can often be the biggest culprits in letting air out. Old, poorly sealed, and poorly installed doors and windows can let a noticeable amount of your cool air out during the summer. It’s a smart decision to check the caulk around all of these structures, as it can dry out and shrink, leaving gaps. Another smart decision is to check the seal around your door. These are often rubber, which can dry out and crack, allowing air out. Replace the seal if needed, and consider adding a floor sweep to prevent any air from slipping out underneath your door. Also, get any gaps or cracks in door or window frames sealed as soon as possible.

Look For Secret Escapes

Cool air will sneak out from anywhere there even the smallest space open. The places you never even thought about checking could be the reason you home is losing so much cool air in the summer. The air can escape through the edges around your places like the edges around your electrical outlets and too big holes in walls for pipes. Double check anything that penetrates the walls in your home and make sure it fits perfectly and there is no room for air escape. If it doesn’t quite fit, you can add caulk to properly seal it, if there more area than caulk can cover you’ll need to explore other options.

If you have any questions about keeping your cool air in and hot air out this summer, give R.S. Andrews a call today!

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