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How to Take Your Plumbing Outdoors

595px-Water_spigot-297x300Now that summer is fully in swing, most of us are going to be spending more time outside than ever. From playing in the yard with the kids to watering your garden, life tends to move outdoors this time of year. So, it makes sense to start considering an outdoor plumbing system (if you don’t already have one).

Take a minute and think of all the different things you do outside that involve water.

  • Watering plants?
  • Filling up the dog’s water bowl?
  • Washing the car?
  • Cleaning the windows?

We end up hauling a lot of water out of our house to use outside this time of year. An outdoor plumbing system not only adds great convenience to your life, it also prevents any accidents during water transport from inside to outside (raise your hand if you have ever dropped a full bucket of water in the middle of the kitchen while trying to bring it outside…).

Installing outdoor plumbing is not for the faint of heart and should generally only be done by a non-professional in few circumstances. That’s where we come in – at R.S. Andrews we happen to be very experienced in plumbing so know that you’re in good hands for any type of installation.

When first talking on the phone with one of our plumbers it’s important to talk with them and discuss what your wants/needs are going to be for your outdoor plumbing. They may be able to make some recommendations for how you can get the most out of your outdoor plumbing system.

For those that already have an outdoor faucet, you probably understand what it’s like to drag a stubborn water hose around the yard to try to get water to plants on the opposite side. The hose gets tangled, knotted, and dragged through your garden or landscaping, damaging the plants you’ve worked so hard on. The way around this annoying setup is to install extra spigots around the exterior of your house.

We think the convenience of installing these extra spigots generally outweighs the financial cost of doing it and also adds value to your home. Imagine being able to simply walk outside to any part of your yard and being able to water it with simplicity and ease! You can even install an extra spigot on the far side of the yard if you have a particularly spacious outdoor area. The extra time you save watering you can put back into beautifying your yard, adding value and creating a landscape that will be the envy of your neighbors.

Many websites offer what look like easy tutorials on how to install outdoor spigots or faucets, but the process isn’t nearly as simple as it may seem. If you’re someone who has experience in plumbing and has worked (successfully) on plumbing before, this may be something you’re able to do, but for a novice, this is not the project to start on by any means.

Instead, just call R.S. Andrews and we’ll be happy to get it all set up and installed for you with a competitive price and unbeatable service!

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