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How To Winterize Your Home In The Heart Of The Winter

20, 19, 18, 17. How far will the temperatures fall? 

With every degree it drops, you feel like inching the thermostat up just a notch. Surely it won’t be that bad …

And then the utility bill arrives in your mailbox, and you pull out another blanket, and pull on another sweater. How To Winterize Your Home In The Heart Of The Winter

Want real relief? Maybe it’s time to implement measures that will help from this point forward, no matter how far the temperatures drop each winter. 

Do a little experiment in different rooms in your home. Turn off vents and fans, then use a smoking incense stick to determine where your drafts are. If you can easily find them around windows and doors, vents and registers, you have work to do. 

You can do little things, like add new caulk, install weatherstripping to close off gaps and holes. But that will only take you so far. 

Ceilings and attics are prime candidates for inefficiencies. When heat rises, without proper insulation, it can easily escape. Most homes have insulation in the attics, but most also don’t have the correct R factor in place. By adding newer technology, such as with blown in insulation, you can create a tighter seal in your home, and make it a more efficient home to heat. 

Of course, the newest appliances can help too. Fixtures like water heaters and furnaces can age quickly. Because manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to better their products, you can add efficiency to your home by upgrading technology that is more than a few years old. 

Whether you’re looking for quick fixes, inexpensive tips, or house-changing home improvements, the best place to start is with a home energy audit. 

We can point the way to show you where your problems lie, and help you make the right choices for home improvement projects that will have real impact in your life. 

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