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Is Your Atlanta HVAC System Protected From Power Surges?


Here in Georgia, your home is subjected to hundreds of power surges each year. Each time it happens, these sudden fluctuations in power overwhelm the circuitry of many electronic devices, causing damage and even total destruction in some cases. Which is why you’ll find many people using surge protectors for their most expensive electronics, including computers and audio/visual equipment.

Yet when surges occur, it’s not just your computers and other electronic gear that is at risk. If your HVAC system isn’t fully protected, it’s just as susceptible to damage from surges because of its delicate circuitry. HVAC surge protectors provide the full protection your system needs. They keep your equipment safe from all kinds of risks, including power company surges, in house surges, lightning strikes, and surges caused by internal damage. They are caused by:

  • The power company’s sudden internal fluctuations throughout the system
  • Your large appliances – refrigerator, washer, or dryer – cycling on and off, causing power surges within your home
  • A lightning strike that causes a power spike
  • A sudden surge of power either inside or outside the home that causes the system to short circuit

If a surge hits your HVAC equipment, it can result in irreparable damage, or cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

By hiring a professional to hard wire an HVAC surge protector at strategic points in your home, you can save yourself the headache that comes with losing your equipment altogether. Unlike surge protection you plug into your wall, HVAC surge protection is hardwired directly into your electrical system.

Is your HVAC equipment fully protected for potential surges?

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