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HVAC System Safety: Are You Prepared?

You rely on your HVAC system to spread conditioned air throughout your commercial property, but did you know it can spread contaminants just as easily?

In test after test, reports have found that bacteria and viruses such as influenza, tuberculosis, and Legionella have all been transmitted through the air and can flow through an HVAC system. And in some cases, HVAC systems have also been found susceptible to accidental or biological chemical threats.

The problem lies with the design and implementation. If little thought is put into where your HVAC system is kept on site and the security that ensures only people that need access actually have access, you are putting the area at risk.

You can’t just assume that your HVAC system will never experience a problem. In fact, there’s a greater chance your building will be exposed to an accidental contamination than a deliberate one. The key is in being prepared.

If you take steps before a threat arises, you’ll be less likely to incur a problem down the road. Here are a few questions to help you develop your building’s security plan:

1. Does your HVAC system have a built in alarm to alert you to problems? Will it warn you for both toxic spills and noxious fumes?

2. Does your building have ways to alert others throughout the campus in the event a spill occurs?

3. Do the systems in your building – HVAC, electrical and automation – have the ability to combat a natural disaster?

4. Does your HVAC system and automation system have a solution in place to handle infectious disease containment if the need arises?

5. Have you considered the geographical location of your building and how it would impact surrounding areas, including roadways, other buildings, both commercial and residential? How would you deal with toxic fumes if an accident were to occur?

Commercial HVAC Equipment Design & Installation in Atlanta

Maintenance of your HVAC system is only a start to the process. If you haven’t created a security system to keep your airflow safe from harm’s way, it’s wise to start the process today. Get started by calling R.S. Andrews now!

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