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Indoor Air Quality Depends On Proper Ventilation in Your Atlanta Property

Proper ventilation can improve indoor air quality. And we’re learning more about the process every day.

Any building, residential or commercial, is at risk of having poor air quality. And because most of us spend a significant portion of our days indoors, improving it means we enhance our health right along with it.

High indoor humidity can spur all kinds of biological growth. It can be caused by many different things, including poor construction, poor site design, faulty systems, inadequate air exchange, or hidden water leaks. And it’s not just weaknesses in design or maintenance that can cause problems; everyday activities such as cooking, bathing, even breathing can increase moisture. And if proper ventilation isn’t in place, there isn’t a way to remove the moisture before it begins wreaking havoc.

Airborne contaminants also play a role. Chemicals are used throughout our lives: construction materials such as glues and adhesives, offgassing from carpets, emissions from particleboards, cleaning chemicals. Carbon monoxide problems can occur in appliances that burn gas. Particulates and allergens from outdoors can make their way in through the ventilation system without proper filtration efforts in place.

What helps reduce health risks associated with all of these problems and more is an adequate ventilation system.

Two types of ventilation can help control harmful air contaminants and moisture problems: spot and dilution.

Spot ventilation effect certain spaces in a commercial or residential location. Exterior exhaust fans are installed in places like bathrooms and kitchens to help remove humidity and carbon monoxide. If the right size is installed properly, they can be very effective, and are quiet and durable.

Dilution ventilation addresses the entire space. Both air changes and air cleaning take place during the dilution process. Air changing is the process of exchanging indoor air for outdoor air, and takes place with natural processes – windows, leakage – and mechanical processes – HVAC equipment, HRV or ERV. Air cleaning occurs when particulates are filtered or are dehumidified to remove moisture. The goal is to have a sufficient process in place to ensure a healthy environment.

IAQ Contractors in Atlanta

HVAC equipment can contribute to poor indoor air quality in many ways: improper sizing for the space, malfunctioning system, bacteria on coils or in filters, to name just a few. A regular maintenance schedule can ensure your equipment is working efficiently, and help you understand more about the process for improving air quality throughout your environment.

As a leading IAQ contractor in Atlanta, R.S. Andrews is dedicated to identifying and addressing these issues head-on. We specialize in optimizing your HVAC system to enhance indoor air quality, ensuring your living or working environment is not only comfortable but also healthy.

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