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Is It Time To Add An Outside Water Faucet?

When most homes are built, the builder will include an outside water faucet to help you with your outside maintenance needs. You might have one in the back of your home and one in the front. But are they in the right places for your needs?

And do you have both hot and cold water to attend to your projects the right way?

Is It Time To Add An Outside Water Faucet?If you primarily use your outdoor faucet to water landscaping, cold water may suit your needs perfectly. But what if you’re washing the car? Or cleaning the windows? Or spraying down lawn equipment? Or designing the perfect outdoor kitchen? Wouldn’t hot water be a benefit? 

As professional plumbers, we can provide you with both hot and cold water supplies anywhere around your home. 

We’ll search crawl spaces and basements to find out where your current water supply exists. If you prefer to install faucets in an area that currently doesn’t have a water supply, it’s as easy as trenching and laying in new pipes. 

It’s also important to think about winterizing your water supply. Have you had trouble with pipes freezing in the past? We suggest that your shut off valve be placed inside to keep it safe against the coldest temperatures Atlanta receives, while making the turn-off process easier for you. 

Having both hot and cold water supplied to the outside can help you:

  • Wash your car, equipment, and windows with warm water
  • Avoid using extra long garden hoses for everyday projects
  • Install drip systems to enhance your garden
  • Lay the groundwork for a sprinkler system
  • Connect water to an outside kitchen or living space
  • Provide hot water to a shed, camper, or other outside building

Additionally, if you’re considering any upgrades to your faucets, check out our tips for upgrading faucets to ensure you make the best choice for both functionality and style.

For all your plumbing needs, including outside water faucet installation, contact R.S. Andrews. We are ready to assist you with professional service to enhance your home’s efficiency and convenience.

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