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Is It Time To Declare an Electrical Emergency?

Electrical problems are often scary, as they can be signs of a potentially dangerous issue. Rather than second-guessing yourself, speak to the professionals at R.S. Andrews. We can help you determine whether you are experiencing an emergency or something that can wait until normal business hours.

Power Outages

In some situations, losing power can be more than an inconvenience. If your electrical system isn’t providing energy to life-saving medical devices, emergency service is definitely called for any time of the day or night. Losing power to an air-conditioning unit during a hot Atlanta summer can be extremely uncomfortable. For some people, it could even be life-threatening.

Smoke or Sparks

If smoke or sparks are coming from outlets, switches, or appliances in your home or office, you probably have an emergency on your hands. Sparks could indicate a short circuit, and the resulting heat buildup could lead to a fire. If smoke is coming from an outlet, a fire may have already started.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights could mean a variety of things. A single blinking light could just be a bulb that’s loose or ready to burn out. However, if all the lights are flickering in your home or office, it can be a sign of faulty wiring that could cause a fire. That is always an emergency.

Many other types of electrical problems can occur. Some are emergencies, and others are simply a nuisance. Either way, they should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent a more serious problem in the future.

If you think you may have a potentially dangerous electrical situation, R.S. Andrews is here to help. Our 24-hour emergency service is available to keep our customers safe and provide peace of mind. Call 770-766-7354 or email us today to learn more!

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