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Is It Time To Repair or Replace Your Electrical Panel?

Every home has one – an electrical panel or a breaker box. It’s the heart of your electrical system. Yet very few homeowners think much about it. 

The electrical panel connects to the power lines brought in by the utility company. It delivers current to every outlet you have throughout your home. 

The electrical panel is also the safety device that prevents overloads and other hazards that can affect you and your personal belongings. Is It Time To Repair or Replace Your Electrical Panel?

While it might seem like a complex system, it’s surprisingly simple. But that doesn’t make it safe for the average homeowner to handle as a do-it-yourself project. In all cases, if you suspect a problem with your electrical panel, call in a qualified electrician to handle the repair. The most common problems include:

Poor Quality

Not all electrical panels have been created equally. Depending on the year your home was built, it may have problems such as breakers that fall out of place, improper installation, or simply parts that don’t do the job the way they were intended. 

Improper Wiring

Sometimes either by accident or carelessness, wiring might not be up to code. Common hazards can include things like oversized or undersized breakers, two circuits on one breaker, or wires crisscrossing within the electrical panel. While the problems can be serious, they are usually easy to fix. 


If the electrical panel isn’t sealed properly, it can leak. And water and electricity don’t mix. If you suspect a leak, bring in a professional immediately to remedy the situation. Look for water damage around the electrical panel, including rust stains or white corrosion on the wires or other metal parts.

Outgrown Panel

Every electrical panel was installed with an intended use. If your house is older, your needs may have changed. Older panels often provided 60 amps of power, while it’s recommended today that 200 amp panels be installed. If your remodel adds space or upgrades to include extra outlets for today’s modern conveniences, it’s best to upgrade your electrical panel too. 

Does your electrical panel need upgrading in your Atlanta home? 

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