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Is Your AC Unit Ready To Take on the ATL Summer?

The nickname “Hotlanta” references two aspects of Atlanta’s summer weather: hot and humid. There are several cool days to look forward to, but for the most part, the summers can feel unbearable. One way to beat the summer heat is to ensure your air conditioning unit is up to the challenge. If it is 10 years or older, it might need a few repairs or a replacement altogether. Here’s what you can do to stay prepared.

Troubleshoot the System

Most people don’t tackle air conditioning systems unless they sense something is wrong. If this is the case, some simple troubleshooting might resolve the issue without professional help:

  • Check to see if your thermostat needs new batteries.
  • Check the breaker box to see if you blew a fuse or tripped the breaker.
  • Ensure your air conditioning unit is on the correct settings.
  • Check the air filters if they are easily accessible.
  • Double-check to see if cool air comes through the vents.

Do Some Inspections

Don’t let anyone talk you into a new system before knowing all of your options. It’s possible, with one small repair, your air conditioner could be good as new. Because of this, an inspection is mandatory before making any drastic measures are taken. Some professionals might even walk you through the troubleshooting process before coming by.

Schedule Repairs

Whether amateur troubleshooting or a professional inspection found the issue, some repairs might be necessary. To many people, this prospect seems daunting or expensive. However, having a few small issues fixed now, will save you costly repairs later.

Don’t let the southern summer months find you unprepared. If you suspect your air conditioning might not be in the best possible shape, contact R.S. Andrews by calling 770-766-7354 or sending an email to schedule AC repairs today.

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