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Is Your Commercial Air Conditioning System Working In Overdrive?

Commercial buildings always seem a little warmer in the summertime, a little stuffier than residential. You walk in and you can feel the air change. 

Part of that might be the vastness of the air space. Part of it may be the constant flow needed to condition the air. For a commercial air conditioning system, it means the equipment is always operating, cycling on and off to take control over temperature. And if any little thing changes with the way the equipment operates, it can spell disaster. 

Is Your Commercial Air Conditioning System Working In Overdrive?How can you avoid problems with your air conditioning system?

Don’t overload the unit

As the temperatures rise, the air inside your building may feel warmer. Yet your air conditioning system is doing all it can to maintain the correct temperature. Bumping your thermostat down several degrees won’t solve the problem; in some cases, it can hurt it. Constant up and down movement can cause more wear and tear on the equipment, as well as increase the amount you spend on your utility bill. 

Clear the space around the condensing unit

The condensing unit isn’t always in the best place. Sometimes shrubs and bushes overgrow and prevent an airstream from moving around the unit. Sometimes people place chairs, equipment, even boxes too close to allow proper airflow. If you’ve noticed a change in air movement, be sure to check the condensing unit has enough space to operate properly. 

Replace filters

Just like you should replace your home filters on a regular basis, don’t forget to change out commercial air filters too. They can quickly collect dirt and debris, making them less efficient at keeping your air clean, and your system operating efficiently. Also, be sure your ventilation is cleaned on a regular basis, to ensure airflow is circuiting correctly, and to help stop the spread of biological growth. 

Don’t forget regular maintenance

While residential properties only use air conditioning systems in the warmest months of the year, commercial properties use their air conditioning system year round to maintain a comfortable temperature. Because of this, regular maintenance is even more important to ensure your equipment is working at its best. Working with an HVAC company regularly will ensure they understand your equipment, identify and address potential problems, and help you create a plan that works within your budget. 

Don’t be left with a business-halting issue on the hottest day of the year. Call us today to learn more about keeping your commercial air conditioning equipment operating smoothly year round. 

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