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Is Your Home Ready For Lightning Strikes?

What’s one of the most deadly weather-related elements here across Georgia? If you said lightning, you’re correct. Over the past two decades, lightning has been one of the most common weather-related killers in Georgia, second only to tornadoes. 

Is Your Home Ready For Lightning Strikes?Lightning occurs most frequently in the summer months, although it can strike at any time. It is estimated that millions of strikes occur across the United States throughout the year. And while you’re most at risk if you’re caught outside in a storm, your house is at risk too. You can lose your electronics and your appliances with a single strike. 

If you are outside and a storm blows in, it’s best to take cover. 

Before the storm season starts, it’s also a good idea to add protection to your home. Here’s how. 

Unplug your appliances and electronics. While that sounds like a great idea, it’s time-consuming at best. Storms happen quickly and frequently. Can you imagine having to rush home and unplug everything before it moves in? Yet that’s how you can guarantee your equipments’ safety – unless you have other measures in place. 

Use surge protection. This increases the chances of protecting your delicate equipment. But keep in mind that not all surge protectors are created equal. Just because it says it’s a surge protector, doesn’t mean it can fully protect. You may want to consider a whole house surge protection system to ensure every outlet in your home is fully covered. 

Use a lightning protection system. You can also install a lightning protection system that provides a safe path for lightning to travel to the ground. This doesn’t make your home more susceptible to hits; it gives lightning a better path to travel. A lightning protection system is created using lightning rods, grounds, conductors, and surge protection. It’s something you should leave to the professionals. 

Want to fully protect your home and your equipment from potential lightning strikes this year? Maybe now is the time to invest in surge and lightning protection systems. Give us a call. 

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