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It’s Time For Your Bi-Annual Maintenance For Your Commercial HVAC

It’s Time For Your Bi-Annual Maintenance For Your Commercial HVAC

You may still be running the air conditioning system in your commercial space, but cooler weather can set in quickly and make you swap your air to heat in a matter of days. And the last thing you want to deal with is a heating problem right when your building occupants demand it.

A poorly working commercial HVAC unit will directly affect your business. The best way to keep these potential problems at bay is to prevent them before they happen by performing a bi-annual maintenance in the fall and spring.

Why twice per year?

With commercial HVAC equipment, typically all of the heating and cooling components are located in a single location, using many of the same parts. While you only use a single function at a time – heating or cooling – many of the parts remain operational every time you flip the switch. That’s twice the amount of wear and tear on these parts when compared with the separate heating and cooling systems.

Bi-annual maintenance makes sure they are in good working condition before you start up a new routine for the new season.

The word “maintenance” can mean a lot of things to different people. When we use the word “maintenance” for your commercial HVAC system, our goal is to help you accomplish several things:

Energy Efficiency – provide high quality parts and keep your equipment in good shape, to help you control costs and keep your utility bills as low as possible.

Better Comfort – being too hot or too cold reduces productivity and employee well-being. Maintenance allows your system to work optimally and provide the proper temperature throughout your building.

Save Money – emergency situations are always the more expensive. By maintaining your equipment, you can make repairs faster, extend the life of your equipment out longer, and plan for replacements rather than reacting to instant changes. It gives you time to prepare and budget, setting aside the funding you’ll need down the road.

Have you scheduled your commercial HVAC maintenance call for the fall?

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