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The Long Term Effects Of Drain Cleaners on Your Atlanta Home’s Plumbing System

Have you ever thought about what’s in those drain cleaners they sell at your local big box store? Some of it can be pretty scary stuff.

The two most common forms of drain cleaners are either alkaline drain openers that contain sodium hydroxide, or acidic drain openers that contain sulfuric acid. In both cases, the primary ingredients in these two forms are not only corrosive to the clog, but also to the pipes themselves. If the clog is not cleared quickly with the use of the chemical drain cleaner, and it is allowed to sit within the pipes for an extended period of time, the pipes will begin showing wear and tear. It can cause premature aging, and may involve removing some of the parts of the plumbing system down the road.

When these corrosive drain cleaners move throughout the plumbing system, they not only have the potential to do your system harm, it can also flow into the environment and wreak havoc as well. It contributes to water pollution in rivers and streams, and can also soften plastic PVC pipes, with the pressure buildup and in some cases causing older pipes to burst.

Chemical drain cleaners should be used carefully and only according to manufacturer’s guidelines. Chemical drain cleaners have the potential for injury to the eyes, lungs, and skin. The same corrosive chemicals that eat away clogs can damage skin in a similar manner, causing extensive rashes or painful sores. Inhaling fumes can be very dangerous to your lungs, especially when they are inadvertently mixed with other chemicals like bleach or citric acid cleaners. These toxic gasses also have the potential of boiling over and blowing back up through the drain, which can spray your face and/or body.

There are two alternatives to using harsh chemicals for cleaning your drains. The first is to use alternative resources for cleaning out your drains. This can be through the use of a drain snake to clean out your pipes. This can also be done through the use of biodegradable alternatives, such as bio-enzyme drain cleaners, which offer numerous benefits, including being eco-friendly and safe for pipes. These cleaners utilize natural enzymes to break down organic matter, effectively clearing clogs without causing damage to pipes.

The other option is to call a plumber. They have specialized equipment that can quickly get to the heart of the problem and clear it away. Depending on the scope of the problem, they can use hydro jetting for drain cleaning, a highly effective method that utilizes high-pressure water to clear stubborn clogs and remove debris buildup from the pipes. From there, they can either clear the problem, or in some cases make recommendations to upgrade a system to avoid clogs in the future.

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