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Love Pendant Lights? We Do Too. Here’s How To Pick The Right Ones

Looking to make subtle changes to your room’s look and feel? Want something that packs a powerful punch without going through weeks of renovation? Consider adding pendant lights. 

Pendant lighting has grown in popularity over the past decade with good reason. They’re easy to install in any room: the kitchen, dining room, game room, or wine cellar. And they add as much to the ambiance of the room as they do to increase lighting. Love Pendant Lights? We Do Too. Here’s How To Pick The Right Ones

While some work well on their own, you’ll most likely buy multiple pendant lights to hang side by side. If you’re interested in adding them to your home, here are a few details to consider. 

There are many different types of pendant lights. 

Directional lights

Most pendants offer lighting focused downward. The light hangs from the ceiling and filters light straight down below. This is why it’s used above kitchen islands and over billiard tables. It spreads the light naturally below the fixture. It’s down oriented – task oriented – meaning it can provide just the right amount of light to help you see better in particular areas. 

While not as common, you can also find up lighting. A good example of this would be in a candle chandelier, where pendants mimic candles facing up towards the ceiling. These are more for ambiance than for focused lighting. But the look can be breathtaking in an intimate setting such as a dining space or a wine cellar. 

Mini lights

Pendant lights come in all shapes and sizes. But for modern or smaller spaces, the mini pendants can work well. You’ll usually find several of these together to bring out particular areas of your home. Not only are they very focused lighting sources, but they can also create a clean design. 

Globes and bowls

When you start shopping around, you’ll be surprised at all the different looks you can create. Some are subdued and blend in with their surroundings. Some are meant to stand out and be the center of attention. What you select is ultimately dependent on the look your trying to create. And how much personality you choose to put into your room depends on how large or small each pendant light is. 

Pendant lights make a good addition to your home for a reason – they offer the perfect combination of looks, style, and functionality. Don’t just settle for standard light sources; have some fun with the design instead. Add a few pendant lights to any area of your home and watch it come to life. 

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