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How To Match Lighting Needs To Commercial Applications in Atlanta

Consider the activity in today’s workplaces.

People enter at all hours, day and night. They park and walk in along pathways and through entryways and corridors. They climb stairs rather than taking the elevators. They sit in cubicles for many hours a day. And all of that can take its toll on workers health and productivity.

Commercial workplaces have special needs in which LED lighting can provide a variety of benefits, including energy savings, improved aesthetics, and safety for building occupants. And there are many ways to introduce them into your building with long-lasting impact.


Stairwells often require lighting 24/7 not only for the use of workers, but also for safety factors. Throughout the Atlanta community, codes are always evolving to make workplaces safer. LED fixtures that operate at a lower level of light 24/7 can allow dark stairwells to be safer on approach. Then with the use of motion sensors and controls, they can come up to full brightness when someone enters and uses the stairwell.


Most offices are in use hours every day, sometimes 7 days of the week. Workers are captive for hours at a time, performing tedious administrative tasks where eye strain and fatigue is common. Unnatural lighting exacerbates the problem. But with LED lighting, it promotes a clean and attractive environment, while improving visual comfort as well.

Creates Natural Environment

LED lighting can help occupants adjust light levels for individual comfort easier than other systems. LED can simulate natural light, and can also work to improve mood and overall health. Many LED lights can be dimmed to fit the visual wants or needs of the environment, and can be adjusted throughout the day for different lighting needs.

LED Lighting for Commercial Buildings in Atlanta

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