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Pipe Maintenance: Freezing Pipes

As the weather gets colder, you have to make sure that every part of your home is ready for winter. At R.S. Andrews, we know the importance of pipe maintenance. Failing to check them could result in potential problems, such as bursting or frozen pipes, once winter weather sets in.

Inspect for Problems Early

Sometimes, your pipes may freeze if there are problems with other areas of the house. As the temperatures start to dip, make sure you walk around the outside of your home. Do you see cracks in the exterior? If so, you may need to have someone fill these in. Cracks in the exterior allow cold air to enter your house. When the temperature gets too low, this cold air can freeze the pipes.

Additionally, you may want a professional to inspect your HVAC system. Your pipes may freeze if your HVAC system stops working because it is not in good condition. If the inspector sees any problems, you can fix these before they get worse.

Consider Extra Insulation

Sometimes, your pipes need extra protection to keep them working throughout the winter. At R.S. Andrews, we know that many people do not heat their attic and garage. The pipes in these areas are more likely to freeze when the temperature drops. To prevent this, you may want to run a heat cable near these pipes. Another option, you could also wrap pipe insulation around them. This will keep the pipes at a warmer temperature so water can flow freely.

Prevent Breaking Pipes

One of the dangers of frozen pipes is that they can burst as the temperature rises. This occurs because frozen pipes usually have increased pressure on the inside. However, running a small stream of water through the pipes can help relieve this pressure so that the pipes do not burst. This step may be most effective when you know that your HVAC system is working properly.

Do you want to make sure that your pipes stay in good condition? Call R.S. Andrews at 770-766-7354 or email us to schedule an appointment today!

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