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Plumbing Trends You Should Think About For Your Home

Thinking of updating your home and not sure where to start? Today’s technology has brought exciting things to the plumbing world, and these trends are the perfect way to make your home more functional. Like other industries, smart technology is taking the plumbing world by storm. You’ll be surprised at some of the ways your plumbing can make you more comfortable and more efficient at the same time. 

Water HeatersPlumbing Trends You Should Think About For Your Home

Let’s start with one of the most common problems a homeowner faces – having hot water available when you want it. Traditional water heaters store heated water in a tank to have available when you request it. It takes a lot of energy heating and storing hot water. A tankless version eliminates the tank, and provides hot water on demand. That means you have an unlimited supply of hot water, simply turn on the faucet as long as you want, and the hot water will be there. Because there isn’t a tank, you eliminate the risk of flooding your home. Tankless systems also require less space, which opens up additional space in your home to use in some other way. 

Smart Technology

Think your thermostat or light bulbs are the only thing you can control with an app? Think again. Smart technology is quickly moving into all areas of your home. How about a toilet that flushes with only an appropriate level of water, and cleans itself as needed? Or an ultra-efficient shower that offers rainshower and wall-installed fixtures that offer you spa-like experiences while saving water as well? And through the use of smart technology, you can monitor your use habits and find out exactly where you’re spending … and where you can save. 

Get Healthy

Now that we’re starting to realize the importance of toxin-free living, more homeowners are consciously making remodeling choices based von creating a cleaner living environment. How old is your home? Are you in need of a plumbing system upgrade? If your home was built before 1980, you might have lead in the system. Even copper piping sometimes used lead solder to connect pieces together. By upgrading your system, you can breathe easier knowing you have a lead-free system. It can also resolve other issues such as low water pressure or noisy pipes. 

Thinking of making an upgrade to your home this year? Why not look at your plumbing system first? With a few upgrades, you can turn your home into a more efficient, cleaner, healthier place to raise your family. Get started by having one of our technicians audit your plumbing system and make suggestions today. 

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