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How Power Surges Affect Your HVAC Equipment

How Power Surges Affect Your HVAC Equipment

Chances are you’ve thought about protecting your computer and electronic equipment from power surges. Power strips and other surge protection equipment is often sold in conjunction when making these purchases.

But what about your HVAC equipment? Is it protected in the event a lightning strike occurs near your home? Or a surge ripples through your electricity supply?

While your HVAC equipment is designed to withstand many things, it cannot take a power surge. HVAC equipment has many sensitive electrical components, and a power surge can cause instant destruction to any number of the pieces. In some cases, the damage will be unknown to you, instead causing a slow and steady breakdown after days or even weeks of not operating at full efficiency. It won’t show any signs of damage until its too late.

Is surge protection necessary? What if you don’t get that many storms?

Lightning isn’t the only cause of a power surge, though it is one of the most common. Lightning strikes can be the most powerful, but the majority of surge-related damage is not caused by lightning. Smaller, daily surges from local power plants have just as much potential for damage. Downed lines or even routine maintenance can send a jolt through the system. Even your own demanding appliances can cause damage to other appliances in your home if not properly protected.

Power surge damage is typically not covered by HVAC system warranties, nor will homeowner insurance cover this type of destruction, as it normally takes time to develop. The burden of proof is on you, and it’s difficult to prove power surges when they take time to show their potential.

Which means the cost of damage will solely be left up to you.

You can reduce the risk by taking a multilevel approach. This includes proper grounding, whole house surge protection, and point-of-use protection between the outlets and appliances. Installation typically takes a licensed electrician a couple of hours to install, and will instantly provide you with the peace of mind knowing your HVAC is protected, especially as we enter a new season of wild weather.

Is your house protected against surges?

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