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Ways To Make Your Commercial HVAC System More Sustainable

Prepare Your HVAC for Summer

With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s critical to ensure that your HVAC is running efficiently. Without proper maintenance, the system’s components wear out, get dirty, and come out of alignment. Regular maintenance keeps cool air flowing through your building on hot summer days. At R.S. Andrews, we can catch HVAC problems before they become catastrophic.

How To Maintain Your HVAC

Without maintenance, your air conditioner has a higher chance of malfunction. In addition to wasting energy, a dirty HVAC circulates dirty air. Your HVAC is a cool, damp place and can become a breeding ground for fungi, mold, and other allergens. If your HVAC isn’t cleaned regularly, it can blow the contaminants throughout your building.

To maintain your cooling system, we conduct a full inspection. Regular inspections are critical to the longevity of your system, and biannual tune-ups prevent emergency breakdowns. Generally, during a maintenance visit, the professional will change your air filter, clean your condensate drain, measure the voltage of your blower motor, and clean the air handler and fans.

How To Save Money on Your HVAC

High utility bills are one of the first signs of an inefficient heating and cooling system. When you don’t maintain your air conditioner, it has to work harder to cool your business. In addition to high bills, if your air conditioner can’t cool your building, it can also affect your business’s profit. If your staff, clients, and guests are uncomfortable in the summer heat, your staff won’t be as productive and clients are less likely to return to the business.

Regular maintenance is a must-have to ensure your profits and keep your business cool all summer long. At R.S. Andrews, we perform everything from 24/7 emergency services to new installations of HVAC systems. Call 770-766-7354 or email us today to prepare for summer!

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