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The Problem With Doing Your Own Electrical Work in Atlanta

“That looks easy to fix.”

How many times have you said that as problems arise in your home? We do it all the time. A screw comes loose. A nob needs tightening. A fresh coat of paint and everything looks brand new.

While some home improvement projects may be perfect for the DIYer, electrical work isn’t one of them. The hazards can be lethal and catastrophic.

The most obvious risk is to yourself. Electricity is not only dangerous to work with, but it can also cause serious injury to you and anyone near by. Because the human body is mostly water, we make a great conductor. If you touch an electric circuit and the ground at the same time, you become electricity’s easiest path. At that point, the electrical current will flow through you, creating serious injuries or even death. Experienced electricians spend thousands of hours learning and implementing the safety aspects of dealing with electricity.

Your property is also at risk. Electricity can fry or melt the wires of the appliance or equipment you are dealing with. Depending on the problem, it can also travel through the wiring inside your walls. The potential hazards are so strong that insurance companies recognize the danger, and often won’t provide coverage if damage occurs and the electrical work wasn’t performed by a professional, licensed and insured electrician. The easiest way to make sure you stay safe is to hire an electrician.

You’re also at risk for fire. Every year hundreds of electrical fires are caused by unstable wiring systems and improper connections. Because many of the fires start behind the walls, you might not even be aware of it until it’s too late. Licensed electricians are well versed in the codes applicable to handling electrical currents. This code is regularly updated by the National Fire Protection Agency, ensuring electricians are fully aware of the latest potentials.

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Saving money and doing things yourself works for some projects, but doing DIY work on your electrical system can cost you more in the long run. Even the simplest of jobs done incorrectly can go severely wrong if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. If you have a question or need advice on an upcoming project, just call.

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