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How to Protect Your Air Conditioner from a Storm

Is your air conditioning unit protected from big storms?

It’s not something most of us think about. But storms can and do damage equipment in and around homes all the time. Strong winds, excessive water, even lightning strikes can result in the loss of use. Not only can this be an uncomfortable situation, but it can also be a deadly one in some circumstances.Protect Your Air Conditioner Before Storms

Before the next big storm blows your way, ensure your air conditioner is safe from potential danger.

Landscaping – Remove dead tree limbs before they become falling hazards. Also, trim back healthy limbs that can fall on the condenser in severe storms or heavy winds.

Tie down condenser – Strong winds associated with storms can topple outdoor condensers for the air conditioning system. An HVAC professional can ensure that is tied down properly to prevent it from moving with strong gusts.

Circuit breakers – Does everyone in your family know where the circuit breaker panel is? Do they know how to use it? Label the breakers for your major appliances, including your HVAC unit. If severe weather warnings have been issued, you can turn them off.

Surge protectors – One of the most valuable investments you can make is to install whole-house surge protection to ensure your appliances and devices are protected from power surges. Power spikes not only occur after a power outage, but also throughout a normal day. A whole-house protector will prevent damage to anything plugged in, including shielding your HVAC system from electrical damage when big storms hit.

No matter what the weather’s like outside, ensuring your air conditioner and other home appliances are safe takes just a little foresight and action. If you are ready to ensure the appliances throughout your home are safe in any condition, give us a call today.

To make sure your HVAC system is safe during the next storm, call R.S. Andrews at (770) 913-6412 or contact us online today!

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