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How To Protect Your Computer Investment Against Power Fluctuations

Computers and technology have become so much a part of our lives; they are an extension of who we are. We carry them with us, and sit down with them almost everywhere we go.

Yet at the end of the day, in order to survive, you have to plug your digital devices in. They need power to operate, and electrical supply problems can have a big effect on them.

When most people think about electrical supply problems, they tend to think of power outages. That moment when the power clicks on to off can jolt every appliance in your home. That’s when you realize how much electricity is a part of our lives.

If your computer relies on electricity to operate, such as with your desktop computer, you’ve probably lost work and grumbled for a minute or two as you wait for the power to return. Computers are complex electronic machines with delicate circuit boards and components. Those components are sensitive and can only cope with certain levels of voltage. Which means power spikes can quickly overload them, resulting in component failure. And when enough of them are affected, eventually your whole computer will fail.

It’s not just physical failure that can take its toll. When the power supply isn’t stable, your software can also be corrupted. This means work lost, functionality compromised, and eventually, the entire program shuts down. And if your data server is not properly protected, you could lose the hub of your computer network.

There are two types of surge protection: point of use protectors and whole home protection.

A point of use protector is a device designed to protect specific areas in your home. Power strips you’ve purchased from a store are a low grade form of surge protection. But a higher point of use protector is designed for much higher voltages and offer more protection with variances in the power supply.

Whole home protection is designed to prevent and disperse transient voltages from entering your home. These devices offer whole home protection from extreme conditions, including lightning storm surges and extreme voltage spikes.

With both in place, your data and your computer hardware will be less at risk.

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