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Purchasing The Right Water Filtration System For Your Home

Purchasing The Right Water Filtration System For Your Home

Want better tasting water? Want your water to be cleaner and safer to drink? It may be time to purchase a water filtration system for your home.

But if you’ve ever done a little research, you’ll find a lot of conflicting viewpoints on what system to purchase.

Fridge systems are commonplace. They’re portable. They’re easy to use. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and are the most affordable of all models.

Faucet systems are also easy to install. They’re convenient, filtering all water you take from your kitchen sink. And they usually are budget friendly as well.

But with both of these systems, they have a one stage filter that only captures select amounts of contaminants. While they are a start to the filtration process, they still have their weaknesses.

A three stage filtration system will not only improve the smell and the taste of your water, but it will also eliminate many of the contaminants that are transported in the water. Things like chlorine, lead, benzene, PCBs, and chemicals from agricultural runoff, community landfills and even increases in antibiotic and other prescription medication have all been found in test results of our water supply. The right filtration system can help remove these items, making your water better for you in the process.

Three stage filtration systems fit under the sink, and because of their more complex filtration process, will remove more of the contaminants within your water supply. Because their filters are more sophisticated, you can go a longer period of time between filter changes. And in some cases, filters can be washed or cleaned for a couple of cycles before needing to be replaced.

Three stage systems are ideal and most common for home use. Businesses and larger homes can benefit from a five or six stage reverse osmosis system. The first filter eliminates any sediment and larger materials that may be coming through the water supply. The next two filters vary slightly, but most are carbon filters that take out chlorine and other pesticides that are still lurking in the water.

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