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The Top 5 Reasons You Need Air Conditioning Maintenance

The first air conditioner was invented in 1902. More than a century later, millions of people rely on them for comfort, ease, and enjoyment. Especially on a hot summer day in Atlanta, the use of a reliable air conditioner is key to a good summer. 

In homes and offices, productivity and general happiness rely on comfort level. It’s even known that colder climates can promote busier workers and more alert people. This promotes the overall well-being of you and your colleagues, friends, family, and guests. To ensure that you are relaxed, happy, productive, finding the right HVAC Contractor in Atlanta should be at the top of your to-do list. Routine maintenance is key to cooler seasons, year-round.

Here are 5 reasons you need air conditioning maintenance on your HVAC systems:

1. Good for Your Health

Air conditioning maintenance in Atlanta, Georgia is critical to proper health and hygiene upkeep. If your HVAC system is not maintained properly, it could cause some wear and tear over time, necessitating bigger and more expensive replacements and fixes. Besides the cost, it can also cause grime and dirt to build up in your air filter. A clogged air filter can cause respiratory issues. When air is not properly maintained and filtered, experts claim it is prone to contamination and festering germs. Thus, you’re breathing in unfiltered air which causes easily preventable health issues.

Toxic air can be harmful to elderly family members, pets, and people prone to allergies and asthma. Breathing in this polluted air can build up toxicity in the breathing channels over time. Without a routine checkup from a licensed HVAC contractor in Atlanta, you can guarantee your air filter is building up grime as you read.  

One day your air conditioner might decide to stop working or stop providing cool air. If this happens on a particularly hot day, the effects can be harmful to your health. Effects could cause heatstroke, difficulty breathing, dehydration, and dizziness or fainting. It could also impact your work performance, productivity, mental health and overall wellbeing. If your air conditioner is well maintained, you can be rest assured that during the hot season, you’ll be safe from the raised temperature. It can also contribute positively to the overall air quality of your home or office. 

2. Increases Level of Comfort
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Living in a house without comfort seems counteractive. A home should be a place of relaxation and enjoyment. When the air conditioner isn’t working and the heat is at an all time high, moods are subject to the weather and feelings get hurt. Especially during the hot summer months, it’s important to stay cool in more ways than one. If you don’t get regular maintenance and the unit breaks all of a sudden, you could be subject to difficulty sleeping or taking naps. Lacking the proper rest could greatly impact your work performance and relationships. With your sleep schedule out of wack, you might become more moody or irritable. 

To avoid this negative spiral, consider finding an HVAC contractor in Atlanta that will check up on your air conditioner before summer comes and you’re left wanting a cool respite. 

3. Big Energy Saver, Lower Payments
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Fun fact of the day: a poorly maintained air conditioner can actually consume twice as more energy than a well maintained one. There are several reasons for an ill-maintained air conditioner. There are a lot of reasons A/C systems use more electricity than they should, causing us to overpay the power company. The culprits include dirty condenser coils (these should be rinsed out every year during maintenance), dirty filters that don’t get changed regularly, low refrigerant levels play a big part in power consumption and should be checked every year in the spring before you start running the equipment hard in the summer, worn out start components such as weak capacitors cause excess power use and should be checked and replaced as needed. Another big power consumer is older HVAC systems themselves, as the years pass, the equipment wears out and naturally uses more energy to continue operating, excessive bills could mean it’s time to update that equipment. Yearly maintenance can identify the issues and help plan for the future.   

It’s common for homeowners to face these issue when they don’t regularly seek check ups for their HVAC units. Consider an HVAC contractor in Atlanta to fix up those small issues that grow over time and reap the savings in monthly electric bills. Once the air conditioner is properly maintained over time, you can rest easy knowing it’s not working extra hard and neither are you. 

4. Reduces Chance of Bigger Fixes

Staying relaxed is paramount in life to resist disease and enjoy what the world offers. But when dealing with homeowner issues like a broken air conditioner unit, patience and acceptance can go out the window. The whole escapade of finding the proper HVAC contractor, then scheduling a time, then discussing the issues, then paying them, then making sure they did a good job, it’s a whole business day to business week of thought, energy, money. 

Reduce your chances of interfacing with this busy work and instead get regular HVAC maintenance in Atlanta. No more emergency calls or waiting for the HVAC technician to arrive on time. Consider routine maintenance and these stressors go out the window. One less thing to worry about. 

Maintenance can help you avoid further larger issues down the line that require bigger fixes, longer days, sometimes several, and higher costs. Take preventative measure before units reach an unfixable stage. In this way, you’ll save lots of time, money, and energy. Calling an unskilled technician can also prolong the journey to a fixed air conditioning system. That’s why it’s important to call a skilled and competent air conditioning service in Atlanta, GA.

5. Increases Air Conditioner Life Span

To retain its resilience and durability, it’s vital to maintain an air-conditioning unit at least once a year, and more if you or someone you know experiences allergies and asthma. Many homeowners don’t know how or don’t care to preserve the energy of an HVAC unit or use it properly to reduce the carbon footprint and save money on electric bills. Careless use can minimize the unit’s life span over time. Regular air conditioning service in Atlanta is the best step you can take to ensure your money gets put to good use. 

Hiring a qualified HVAC technician in Atlanta to maintain your air conditioning system is the key to saving time. Don’t delay on calling a contractor to fix your HVAC unit. By calling now, you save years of time in calling and research and interfacing. A well-experienced professional will be in and out of your house in a couple of hours. The maintenance check is faster than you think. 

HVAC manufactures know the importance of equipment maintenance to the point of requiring yearly service records or they can deny warranty claims. HVAC systems are machines, just like your car and require tune ups or they fail prematurely and cost a lot more then they are worth in repair bills. 

The maintenance check works this way. Skilled technicians will evaluate every part of the working system and make a report on the health of the system. They will perform filter changes, drain line flushes, refrigerant evaluations, air flow checks, blower settings check, capacitor checks, and wash out condenser coils. All this helps to extend the life of the machines, keep power bills down, and prevent unexpected break downs.  Consider hiring a qualified HVAC Contractor in Atlanta who’s been around since 1968. Consider R.S. Andrews today.

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