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Should I Replace A Toilet That Keeps Clogging?

Should I Replace A Toilet That Keeps Clogging?

Nothing can be more frustrating than having an old toilet that keeps clogging. You quickly get tired of constantly plunging. You get even more tired of flushing again and again, knowing multiple gallons of water are being wasted in the process.

Does that mean its time to replace the toilet? Will that solve the problem?


If your toilet is consistently clogging, there could be a number of problems. It could be the toilet. It could be the plumbing. It could be the sewer line.

Without a visit from the plumber, it’s hard to tell.

But there are a few signs that it might not be the toilet itself.

  • The toilet only recently started acting up. If the toilet started clogging “overnight,” there could be other things to blame. Have you switched toilet paper brands?
  • You hear gurgling noises when flushing. If a plumber’s vent isn’t working correctly, it can prevent the toilet from flushing properly.
  • Other drains are slow too. If you begin having clogs or slow moving drains in more than one location, it’s a sign you have a problem further down the line.

Toilets are fairly simple fixtures. Problems are usually a straightforward fix … once you locate the problem.

If you have an old toilet that might not be in top working condition, one that is wasting water every time you flush, or simply want a new look and feel to your bathroom’s décor, it may be the perfect time to replace your old toilet.

Is it time to replace your toilet?

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