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Why Every Room Needs A Ceiling Fan in Your Atlanta Home

Are you ready for the heat?

A chilly breeze may still be blowing across Atlanta, but it won’t be long before the days grow longer and the sun begins to heat our homes a little bit more.

Of course, we can’t survive the summer heat without an air conditioning system in our homes. When the temperatures rise to the three digit range, nothing feels as comforting as a blast of cool air when we step through the door.

But what about ceiling fans? Do you know how they can help you?

Ceiling fans are an easy way to add value and ambiance to your home. They can also be an added bonus when you list your home for sale. Stylish ceiling fans come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and can add to your decor. Install a lighting kit with your ceiling fan for even lighting across each room.

As the days continue to warm, sometimes an air conditioner is a bit too much. A nice breeze feels good. But cooled air leaves you grasping for a sweater.

Ceiling fans don’t cool the air; they create air movement to cool you down. If the temperatures aren’t too warm, a gentle breeze in your living room, bedroom, even outside living areas can be more than enough.

Then as the temperatures continue to climb, and you turn on your air conditioning system, ceiling fans can add into the efficiency. An air conditioner can chill the air, but a ceiling fan can circulate it throughout your room. And in doing so, it can allow you to increase the temperature setting a degree or two because the air movement makes you feel cooler. A higher setting means your air conditioner won’t operate as much, reducing your utility bills overall.

Ceiling fans aren’t just for summertime either. Ceiling fans have the ability to change the rotation of the blades, pulling air up instead of filtering it down. By doing this, it can recirculate warmed air in the winter, making your furnace run more efficiently as well.

Ceiling Fan Installation in Atlanta

How would a ceiling fan impact your home? What room would benefit the most? Let the electricians at R.S. Andrews help you decide! If you live in the metro Atlanta area and need a new ceiling fan installed, contact us today.

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